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Any story behind your profile picture?

Was wondering if any Fiverr users have an interesting backstory for their profile pic, such as being taken in an exotic or unusual location, during a special event or holiday, trying to achieve a specific look or style, or created by one-self, a friend or someone on Fiverr.

Not much of a story behind mine. Was self shot in front of a green screen with two RGB panels blaring cool blue and hot pink light on my face. Think I look a bit too stern in the photo, but personally like the color clash.


It’s just an illustration of me in a kimono since

  1. I’m from Japan
  2. I love kimonos and I have quite a lot of them. (Each time I buy a new one I keep telling myself that’s going to be the last one. Yeah right :joy:)
    I have thought of changing it to a colored image or something different, but it’s been the same from day 1!

Also since I offer translation and illustration, I thought a drawing of myself would be a good way to represent myself. :slight_smile:


I’m a video editor, so I choose to make this camera icon that you can see.


My profile picture is taken in my first apartment on the day I moved in, so it is a bit old.

Extremely thin walls in that apartment, so I was happy to move out after 6 months.


I’m afraid my profile picture isn’t very interesting.
I started out with a selfie, then I got bored of it and asked a friend to draw a portrait in her style for me (she’s an illustrator) and that’s it :slight_smile:


I was tired to be called dude, because I had put one of my drawings as a profile picture, so I changed my profile picture to show my face…so now I can get called dear, sister and m’am. :sweat_smile:

Picture was bad quality, too pixelated, so I drew over it to make it look better, ended up redrawing the entire picture…But I like it.


My profile photo was taken at my desk at a business I used to own.

I’m wearing the hat of a favourite football team.

The photo is cropped as the full size shot shows my full computer screen with the logo of my business on it.

I think this photo is about five or six years old.

I haven’t changed much since it was taken and I just like the way it looks.


My profile photo is just an icon illustration of me that I made!
I think it’s express a lot of things about my art, like the vibrant colors, the stylized face, things like that hahaha


My profile photo is of a popular hip-hop ghostwriter here on Fiverr. I thought his picture would look better on my account.



Same!! I used to have a picture of a sunset, and everybody kept calling me “bro” and “dude” and “sir”, so I had to change it to a Bitmoji of me!


My profile picture always leave a smiling impression on a clients face :heart_eyes: .


I needed a logo, and created this one. Since I work with video, it’s a combination of several related symbols - An eye, a rec button and a play button. I like geometry and minimalism in logos, so that’s what I aimed for. I’m no graphic designer by any means, but I’m quite happy with the result. If I turn it 90 degrees clockwise it’s also a “V”, from visual studios, which is nice, although I’m not sure how to use it that way (it will lose the play button reference, the eye will look weird, etc.).


My profile pic is from my last professional shoot.

I tend to refresh my profile pic and branding every year, this was the first year I wasn’t able to do so, due to Covid-19.

Hopefully I will be able to book another photoshoot real soon, as my beard is now more majestic and I am down 20 pounds. :slight_smile:


My current profile pic was one I had to take for either scholarship applications or for scholarship thankyou letters. It’s rather old, but I liked that hat a lot. I ended up loosing it the semester before I graduated, and checked in with every lost-and-found in every building on campus. Sadly I never found it.


My profile picture used to be a chibi of me at my desk. Then I asked my hubby to work for with me and decided to add him to my profile image.

When I looked at what my favorite Fiverr chibi artist had to offer, I noticed she had a gig to make her buyers into Jedis. I loved the idea, and now you can see the result.

Now when I get called sir, it is not so annoying!


That’s just me drinking chinotto (same name as the fruit the beverage is made from, myrtle-leaved orange in English, not that anyone calls it like that) from a bottle… with a straw. Yes, that’s not beer like some ask, and I’m really drinking from it with a straw for some reason. It was about three years ago in a bar at night in the open, I’m 20 now and I still look like I’m thirteen.

TF is Chinotto?

Chinotto [kee-NOT-toe] is an Italian drink with mysterious origins, like the fruit. Should be called like that because it is speculated to have been imported from China somehow, but it could also be from anywhere in the Mediterranean. You can have it either concentrated or orangeade style, looking black or like watered-down cola respectively.
I’m drinking the Lurisia one you see from this page which is supposed to be “true” one since it’s from the province it was originally made in, where I’m from. Lurisia is an historically serious, somewhat more expensive and representative brand. Think of what San Pellegrino drinks are to, I don’t know, Dasani water…

It’s popular in the Ligurian and French rivieras, and apparently in Malta. To me it’s very Italian so I see it as something from here exclusively, can’t imagine some French dude going “ah, I want to drink le chinotto” nonchalantly :joy:.

What does it taste like?

If you’re British you might know about Vimto, the soda that tastes like intense bubblegum and is pretty viscous, whose Arab market version I sometimes buy from an ethnic shop. Think of it as natural-tasting, close to orange, not bitter at all, with Coca-Cola density, slightly carbonated. Goes well with ice in the glass IMHO, and only the concentrated version/the extract one is slightly bitter but not invasive. Like a rough lemon, a cross between a normal one and an orange… pretty much what it is. And not that close to actual myrtle in taste.


My username is Palmtreeninja so I just made a palmtree design with a lot of frames on it. I think it looks pretty cool


My profile was drawn by another Fiverr seller. I needed something with Fiverr’s green color, simple and professional. So I handed over a photo of mine and he did a great job. After that, I took commercial rights and other stuff from him.

In my opinion, human face in profile picture will attract more buyers & their trust. :wink:


I had this pic taken on my graduation day a few years back. I don’t have a lot of photos of me - I tend to find something wrong with every single one of them :woman_shrugging:t2: - but this one I quite like, so call it a miracle.


Now that I think about it… mine was taken in the beautiful city of Venice last year, in February 2020 and it was right before the terrible outburst of COVID-19 here in Italy. That was one of the last chances I had to travel. I miss travelling, I hope I can visit new cities or countries soon.