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Any story behind your profile picture?

Your avatar is absolutely terrifying (that’s a good thing) it definitely drew my attention! :fearful: :scream:


Thank you. I hope my work will attract buyers)


My profile picture captured by my friend smartphone. I changed the background colour to the black.


Your photo look very good sir.this photo nice


:laughing: , That’s true. …:slight_smile:


This is interesting. Why you update your profile picture/branding every year? I mean isn’t better for clients to see a steady branding/picture?

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There are several reasons behind this.

A) As a creative person, upgrading my visual image is almost as important as demonstrating my upgraded skills

B) I refresh my profile image and branding every year as each year I slightly refine my target audience and the type of projects I need to attract. So I update all touch points to match my target and attract the audience/projects I need.

C) I change my look every now and then (hair styling, length of beard, body weight) so I want my profile pic to reflect who I truly am.

As for consistency, I think as long as I don’t jump from pic to logo to illustrations, it’s still consistent.

EDIT: Just to expand upon “C” as I fear it is not clear enough. The reason why I need my profile pic to show “who I truly am” is because I have video chats with almost all my PRO gig clients. So the way I dress, present myself on my profile needs to be fairly close to what I really look like, so when they see me on our consultation calls my image is still “on brand”. It may appear as a small detail, but it is very important from my POV.


Mine was taken at my wedding. I didn’t plan on using any wedding photos for my business, but it was such a fun shot that it became my profile photo.


Mine was 4 years ago, in my senior year at the Audiovisual Production school, I am holding a microphone (cropped out) as I was the boom operator at a school project, looking at my future-wife lol.

I didn’t change my look too much, my mom made me cut my long hair (much longer than it seems in the picture).


Great photo and gorgeous manicure)

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