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Any suggestion for the new seller?

Hello, I’m new to Fiverr. Every opinion about how to get started and get the first client is highly appreciated. Please drop your valuable opinions and advice. I have also published my first gig but I am not sure if it is good enough. Thank you in advance!


Getting your first order on the gig is most probably the main step to get your business started.

  1. You should focus on the Buyer Request.
  2. Also being online on Fiverr helps a lot in getting the first order.
  3. Last but not least, social media marketing such as different forums and social media sites is very crucial for your gigs because the Fiverr algorithm most probably gives more value to the gigs who gets more views from outside Fiverr.

Hope these suggestions work for you!


Thank you so much, bro. Your suggestion will help me a lot. I’ll focus on buyer request.


most helpful information

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I reviewed your profile and it seems thorough, though my expertise is not in your type of service so I can’t verify your information. You just need those first reviews to get you started. Try marketing yourself outside of Fiverr. I use Twitter because it’s easier to find clients there by just using certain keywords, and from there you can direct them to your Fiverr account. It takes time, and we’ve all been there. Just be persistent.


Thank you everyone for your valuable information and opinion. I must be patient and consistent, and I must focus on buyer request and promote my gig outside of fiverr.