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Any suggestion to improve my first gig

I am new to Fiverr. here one of my gig links.

Please visit my gig and tell me what else I can do to improve it.


hi there! Your gig looks fine to me. Try to stay online as much as you can and keep close look on buyer request section. Hope, you’ll get your order soon!

Your Gig photo looks great.
I have a few suggestions.
Don’t ask buyers to contact you before placing an order.
i.e. - should be i.e.,
Remove the question marks here - ? Please MUST read complete gig description and FAQs’. We take every order very seriously and it’s very important for us to deliver the highest quality work?
Change this sentence - if your file length is above 1 hour so don’t worry contact me I will also transcribe longer files too.
You could try this:
I transcribe longer files as well, contact me for a custom offer on orders with over 1 hour of audio.

I have change it as you suggested.
Thank you so much.

check it once again please.

thanks for the encouragement.

This looks much better. One other thing. I wouldn’t use a stock image for your profile picture on Fiverr. Use an image you own, create a logo, or use a photo of your face if you are comfortable with it.

i have change my profile picture and upload logo.
check it please.