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Any suggestions for improving my GIG?

I have created my gigs and have done my best to optimize them.However I want experts to review my gig.Please have a look at my gigs and let me know how can I improve them further.
Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated!
Here’s my GIG
Thank you!


On your profile, you mention over 4 months of experience, and then you say that you worked as web designer for 5 months. In your gig, you say that you have over 15 months of experience.

Which one is it?

Inconsistency might make buyers think that you just copied someone else’s descriptions, and didn’t even read what you were copying.

Also, you say that you have created gigs (as in, more than one gig), but there’s only one on your profile?

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15 months since i have learned it and worked for 5 months in a software house

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