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Any suggestions for new

hey, there I am a new person here and planning to start in fiver. I am skilled at writing and graphics designing and my question is that do you have any suggestions for me to start my journey here.


Welcome to the community.
My suggestion is try to active on fiverr forum and read topics , here you will find lots of suggestion, tips and tricks . If you have any confusion about anything or any question just search in fiverr forum , i am damn sure you will find your answer. Best of luck.

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Hi, am new at fiver.
I am unable to show the fivver gigs impressions and views. can you please tell me why it is.

Hello @fatimach344 , don’t panic . Everyone is facing the same issue. I recommend you to keep up doing the work. Share your gig with your friends. Keep sending buyer request. Let me know if you have any question , Thanks.

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Thanks a lot for your kind instruction. am also facing the issue that i did not find the buyers request according to my gigs.

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For new seller buyer request are not visible every time. So you will have to keep checking after 30 minutes. Once you see the time they appear you can check at that time.

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okay thank you so so much.

You welcome @fatimach344 .
Can you drop your gig link here so i can see if there is need to improve your gig.

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I just checked your gigs. Looks great. Keep up the good work. Here are some improvements you can make

  1. Add at least 5 questions to your FAQs section. It will help to know buyer more about your service
  2. Add 3 images to your gig .
  3. Highlight your keyword product listing in description.
  4. Don’t edit your gig again and again.
    Follow these practices it will help.
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Dear Brother,
I am new in the
I made a gig on Assignment Writing!
So, whenever i published! It is showing to complete US English Exam and I gave this!
I got 6.2 but if i want publish this i will be get 7.00 marks.
So, now i can’t understand, what will be i do to publish my Gig.
Please say something brother, i will wait for your suggestions!

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will you please tell me which category you selected for your gig category

bundles of thanks i will try and let you know soon

okay thankyou so much for your help and kind suggestions

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Hello Fatima, sure. You welcome!

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Some GIG requires that you prove your skills. You failed to prove your skills so now you can not post GIG in that field.

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Fiverr not allow assignment writing.

Yeah, I have selected Writing and Translation category!

hy @fatimach344 check your keywords because they are the main thing to see buyer request