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Any Suggestions on what I should Improve?

I am one of those Level 2 sellers affected by the new algorithm. All my gigs have disappeared from search. I know they are active and I got one order yesterday. from one of them. I read Frank’s post on the Fiver 3.0 and I tend to believe it. Fiverr seems to be trying to focus more on relevancy and quality of service than anything else.

Looking back, I can see where I messed up. I was getting tons of orders and messages every day from buyers and allowed myself to fall into the trap of not caring so much about how I managed my orders. I delivered on time, but sometimes left buyers waiting on an update for revisions. I used to finish orders a day before the deadline. but found myself sometimes delivering 2 hours before the deadline. I would sometimes have to make myself unavailable due to the high number of orders.

Now, with the new algorithm, all that has changed. I see other high-level sellers who still have a large number of orders in queue, so I know it’s not that business has dropped off. It’s directly related to how I have conducted my business for the past few months.I recently updated this gig…Write your seo articles, blog posts, and website content by Lisamusser | Fiverr and my profile description to be more accurate and relevant to what buyers are searching for. Is there anything else I should improve on it?

I am trying to market my gigs, even purchasing services for Facebook ads from another seller. Since I am also a buyer on Fiverr, I got first-hand experience with how Fiverr asks buyers to tip on every order,leave a private feedback. Fiverr really does try to get sellers tips on every order, it asks 2 - 3 times before the process is completed, if any of you are wondering.

I would appreciate any and all suggestions on what I could do to get back in the game. I’ve been through this same scenario with Fiverr, so I know it requires constant change and adaptation to survive.

Thanks everyone!

I also provide article/blog writing service.

I see nothing that I would change on your Gigs other than one suggestion: I charge slightly more than you do but I have one Gig that is promoted as a “discount” offer.

The discount price is what your prices are.

I get most of my orders through that Gig likely because it has the words “discount price” in it.

Just an idea for you to mull over.


Thank you for the suggestion. I’ll give that a try.

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