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Any suggestions to improve my first gig


I’m new to Fiverr and I just recently posted my first gig. I’d love to get some feedback from experienced sellers.

I’m open to any feedback. Some specific things I’m looking for feedback on are:
Is it clear exactly what I am offering?
Is the video helpful?
Are the images helpful?
Do the images in the video convey the style of the work that I do?
Is the music on the video appropriate?
Do the packages make sense?

Many thanks

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Almost forgot, my gig!

Dear Mark:

I’d suggest that you read this post: '` and add yourself to your video, with either a brief introduction or epilogue.

You should also change your profile image to one in which you are smiling.

It’s clear what you’re offering, but it might help to show insets of the source photos.
The video is helpful, but would benefit from you being in it and you speaking, rather than just the background music.
The images are helpful.
The images do convey your style.
The music is fine, but the music alone is not as effective as having your voiceover in addition.
Your Buyers will give you feedback over time.

My initial impression is that you need to do more to make it clear to the Buyer that you are offering a digital file, not a hard copy printed image suitable for framing.

Maybe add that to your FAQs.

All in all, if you are able to market to your target audience, this gig may do very well. Be patient and give it time to find an audience.

Good luck,

If you give cheap service in gig then hope chance to get order

Thanks, Blaise. Some great advice there. Much appreciated.

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