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Any suggestions to improve my gigs detals?

Any suggestions to improve profile and gigs detals? I’m new at Fiver and i trying to put some informations in my gigs but i dont know if more detals are good or not, if so much lines scare the people who are more lazy to read.

My profile:

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You English really could use some work. We have worse here but the less easy it is to read, the more mistakes there are like the word t-shirt, the less customers will feel comfortable to buy from you. Yes, even other people with sfperflunkstikstory language skills themselves.

Also you link here in the Form, you didn’t check to see if it works. Overall I come away with the sense that it is all a bit rushed and that takes the shine off. Your art is interesting. Maybe too much for t-shirts - at least in Oz. Album covers though…

I wonder how Tattoo art got cheaper than t-shirt art?? In Oz a fancy t-shirt is $20-35. A tattoo is $100+



I appreciate man, english is not my first language and i’m not fluent too, i’ll share with my friend who know better than me to correct these mistakes.Thanks

Yeah, maybe, i’ll give a shot for albums covers.

I’ll think about this too. Thanks so much Benedictrm.

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I have checked your gig and profile and I suggest you to re-read everything again and correct small typos and grammar mistakes.

The title of your Tattoo gig is a bit confusing, you could make it more short, specific and clear. Also use a more eye-catching display photo and try to revise this in your description “Contact me if you have any doubts about my art.”… Doubts about your art???..


I’ll need to ask my friend to do that becouse English is not my first language.

Would you give me a example what could be better?

I changed to a pic from me tattooing, i guess would be more catching as you said.

I mean about my style.

Thanks for the tips, i’ll ask someone to correct grammar and stuff.

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Take care as when a client hires YOU they need to talk to YOU not your friend.



amazing reply …i like it

Link your all social account and be active.Gig details write unique and do not copy paste.
Describe your experience.

Didn’t get it, what do you mean? :thinking:

Using your friend as an interbreeder (oops spello) means that when someone hires you to do artwork (a rather personal thing) everything you say to each other is processed through your friend’s mind first. This makes it impossible for you to be getting close enough to the heart of the need as what you hear is what your friend thinks your client said. the message gets distorted.

People hire YOU so they have to be able to speak to YOU (not someone in-between).


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