Any Suggestions?


Hi Everyone, I am new to Fiverr. Seems like fun and interesting as well. I love to buy on Fiverr but it is my first time selling. I provide meditation, relaxation and music for Yoga.

If you have a moment could you please give me your feedback or suggestions on my gig to be successful. Thanks <3


Anyone have any feedback or suggestions?


Hi kjblynx,

Lol…I’ll make a note of that…My back needs some adjustments…Ahahhaa.

Well I wasn’t sure about adding the extra days either but I just saw it on most of the gigs…I’ll remove it as it is not really necessary. Thanks for the feedback I will also create a few more gigs. :slight_smile:


I looked for the chiropractic website but the page came up blank so I guess it’s no longer online.


Hey how are you today i hope all is well

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