Any thoughts for my situation?


I have had an account on Fiverr for over 3 years. I got 1 negotiate rating 3 years ago and now with my new gigs 3 years on I am unable to do buyer requests, bit unfair as my account hasnt been used in over 3 years so I think my rating should reset!!




I doubt that a reset is possible. However, you can contact Customer Support and, with their approval, delete this account and start a new one.


Sounds a good idea, thanks. Just a pain to have to go through the whole process.:unamused:


I am personally AGAINST account/review resets because what if someone is a crappy seller yet they can delete the account and start over fresh and be a crappy seller again?


Well I wasn’t a crappy seller 3 years ago, the client gave me 4 stars after a slow delivery as they had asked me to edit a video which was worth tipple her budget and time offered. So in that case I believe the account should be reset.