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Any Tips for Improving My Gigs?

Hi guys, I’m a new seller on Fiverr. I created my account three weeks ago. I have four Gig on my account. I got 800 impression and 10 clicks from all of my gigs. Is this ok or I have to improve my gigs?
You can check my profile if you want to:

Thank you.


You need active online 12 hour+ everyday. and also you can send buyer request everyday. Best of luck.

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I recommended,
1st : Publish your 7 gigs
2nd : Marketing your gigs
3rd : Try to send regular buyer request
4rth : Be Active on Fiverr Forum and read Fiverr Tips

Best of Luck :heart:


Share on the web2.0 and forum posting site to get more impressions and clicks.

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Active max time online and send more buyer request every day and create your niche related gig . And also do gig marketing

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Is it safe? Fiverr allow them?