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Any tips for increasing my sales?

Hi, i´ve finished my first 3 orders and now my sales have stopped. I´m kind of worriend, i´ve been promoting myself on social media networks… Any advices?

This is just like any other business. You are not guaranteed regular sales. Buyers will haggle the price down. I hope this is not your only job. This should be your side gig until you get a full time job or start your business in a big way. You have too many competitors here. Buyers will always select the best provider and lowest price for their jobs. Good luck.

I wrote 32 detailed tips for optimizing gigs and you can read the whole thing here:

I can see ‘1 Order in Queue’ or it’s just another bug…?

Thank you for the tips! I will try to follow them as much as i can.

That is one of last week orders… but no more since last friday…