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Any tips for me?


Hi, I need your tips to improve my gig. My sales get very slow and getting stuck. I did all the things to increase sales but still stuck. Need tips to get buyers



Get the 100% use of the Gig gallery, There is only one image at your Gig Gallery now, Upload some more images at your Gig gallery for customers to impress about your work.

Use Gig Package for pricing, for vector tracing you can split into many categories for pricing, see some of your competitors gigs to have a good idea.

After completed the above start to market your gig, there is many ways to market your Gig which you can search and learn at this forum as this is discussed multiple times.


Thank you @irshan_cool for your tips. Do you know what resolution of the image should I use?


1720 widht x 1040 hight in pixels


Thank you @irshan_cool