Any tips for my gig?


I know all you awesome fiverr sellers are busy, but I was wondering if anyone would be willing to take a look at my gig and give me a few tips. :slight_smile:

I was receiving a lot of views on this, and then it dropped suddenly.



Reply to @sincere18: A treasury is a collection of similar items to promote the sellers item. You can’t include your own items in a treasury you have made, so someone else needs to make it.

There is nothing in the terms that forbids paid promotion. There is a huge network of Etsians based on that. It is not a social network as such, so I don’t think that is relevant. I have had an Etsy store for 2 years, and haven’t seen anything related.

There are hundreds of Fiverr gigs based on promoting Etsy. I have tried to offer more than the average on all of my gigs, and have had 10 sales in 17 days.

Thank you for your ideas!


Well, first, I am not sure what treasuries are on Etsy, so I am not sure if it’s enough to just show one sample. Your gig is also really short, so you may want to write a little bit more. Why should someone buy this from you, can’t they do this themselves on Etsy?

Another thing, have you clearly read the Terms of Use of Etsy? There are many third party sites, like FAcebook and TWitter for example that do not allow paid followers or likes. So someone can have their accounts banned on those sites if it’s discovered. I am not sure if Etsy has that kind of rule or not, it’s not as big a social network as the others.

Also, you may show up in searches when you are new in a different way than after you have been here for awhile. Are there many Etsy gigs on Fiverr? I wonder how much of a demand there is for Etsy gigs here.