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Any tips for new seller?


Hi, i’am new here. i might need help to make my first sales. any tips guys? really appreciate for any help you give… thank you


Hello and welcome to Fiverr
This post might help you! :slight_smile: Good luck!


Read the academy, forum, podcasts, articles.

@blaisefaint has a standard checklist he uses with minor awesome modifications to individual sellers but if you look through improve my gig, you’ll get useful tips.

This is too vague a question. When you’ve read the advice and made changes and have marketed your work and either made or not made sales then come back here with specific questions where we can be more helpful.

Good luck.


AWESOME, really?!

I’m too modest, I’m not one to say I’m awesome, though others may say that about me…


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Hi @serban95 .It’s good to know that there are some romanian people on fiverr :smiley:
Multa bafta!


I agree with you on that, it’s a great feeling to meet other Romanians here too.

Mulțumesc la fel și multă baftă în continuare! :wink:


@serban95 Good luck bro.


Thank u all for the advice