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Any tips for newbies ? ? Am sad of getting no orders.Help me Top Rated Seller

Am sad of getting no orders.Help me Top Rated Seller

Same here . Anyone can help

Pick a profile picture that isn’t Avril Lavigne. It looks unprofessional. What would you think if you visited your doctor’s Facebook page and she was using a picture of Angelina Jolie instead of her? You’d think she was weird. Same applies here. People think it’s odd.

Here. Read this.

I’m rather disappointed that you did not bother listening to my advice I left on your other thread.

Do not use other people’s images, do not take other people’s descriptions.

If you want orders, you need to be professional and work hard, and be honest.

You’ve taken the image and the description from another TRS who happens to be my facebook buddy. That is not the way to go.

May i suggest spending a few days to create a unique profile. Your using my gig image, this need to be removed. Im sure you are not the real Avril Lavigne so change that to an image of your self so people take you seriously. Create your own gig descriptions and profile description. Don’t copy others as its a fast track to having your account suspended before you have even got going.

Cheers, Tom

Reply to @newbold3d:

I just clicked on your profile by mistake, thinking it was the OP’s. I thought, “Wow this is good. They’ve done an awesome job.” Then I realized I’d clicked on yours.

If that doesn’t motivate you to listen to the advice these guys give you OP, nothing will!

I just clicked too and all I saw was still mostly @newbold3d images on some faker profile. I’d strongly suggest starting over quick before @loves2help is closed down. Stolen property = bad business.

…so you asked for help, it’s been a few days, and you haven’t made a single change.

I just hope you don’t post another thread asking for help again. [-(

Reply to @sara1984: Aww thanks Sara :slight_smile:

Reply to @zeus777: Gave him a few days, here comes the ban hammer!

That’s a good advice, but I saw a ton of sellers here who use pictures of celebrities, and even some that are not of celebrities but obviously not real pictures, still they have many clients!

He’s gone!