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Any Tips For Promoting Gigs

Hi Fiverr buyers and sellers,

Do you guys have any tips for sellers to promote their gigs in the Fiverr algorithm? I get a new order about every two weeks and I really really want to bump that up?

Any sellers [or even buyers] who have some helpful hints?

Thanks. :grinning:


Why not have a pre-Autumn sale - drop your prices a little just to give you a kick-start for the next few weeks? :sunny:


I would suggest that you look at your target market and competition.
As it stands, you look like you are 3-5 times the price of your competition in search results but in reality you are not.
Your target market is seeing your minimum price alongside lots of $5-10 gigs and that is likely to put many off clicking yours. Consider lowering your basic price but lowering the word count too.
I also write with a minimum price and the majority of my clients are those who have bought from me already. When I experimented with pricing it did make a difference in inquiries but most of the jobs were not things I wanted to be doing/am good at.


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I’ll try it and see how it goes :slight_smile:


Thank you. I’ll make a note of that.


I think you should change your Gig images.
Write something on images about your services like you are offering SEO, then write related something on Gig images.:sparkler:
Good luck.:heart:

I really don’t think that’s needed. Thanks anyway.