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Any tips for sending offers on the requests page?

Hi fiverrs,

please share with with us tips and tricks from your experience in answering the gig requests.



I used to send offers when I were new on fiverr, I sent a lot of offers trying to get buyers, but I didn’t get any from them, I stopped using them and i’m doing good and getting good sales “alhamdulillah”, a lot of sellers said so, they didn’t get a lot from sending offers there, for me I just kept delivering good quality work and making sure to get good reviews and maintain 5 stars ratings O:-)

Good luck


My tip for you, I see that your rating is 97%, when you deliver something always offer unlimited revisions, do modifications till the buyer is 100% satisfied, if a buyer leaves you less than 5 stars contact him and ask him why and offer him something like modification or something else if he change the rating to 5 stars, always keep your rating good that’s the only secret I can see to success on fiverr.

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How could you see my rating ?
when I visit your gig, you profile is shown to me on the right side with your country details and rating.

when someone does not respond always send a cancelation request asking him for a response, when he gets to it he declines the cancelation request and respond to you, if he deos not the order will be cancelled after 2 days and you will not get any bad rating at all, never let an order gets late, Never.

Also for those 2 orders, I recommand you cantact customer support about them, explain it to them, tell them I was waiting for the buyers to respond and I didn’t know that that would happen , I’m sure they will help, if they don’t, just keep delivering orders and make sure to get 5 stars rating and you will get to 99% soon.

I too made a mistake like this when I was new and got a negative rating from a chiness guy who wanted more than I offer, so he ended up leaving me a negative review but I learned my lesson, and since then I got more than 180 ratings all 5 stars :slight_smile:

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  1. Go through first to check which ones you really want to do. Make sure you put an offer on them first.

  2. Remember, this might be Fiverr, but it doesn’t mean it needs to cost a Fiverr. I’ve noticed that the majority of buyers who put a request on are not looking for cheap, but a job done well.

  3. Ask the buyer for more details, 2 lines is never enough information for most of the requests on there. You can get a rough idea of what they want, but not the full details.

  4. Include a break down of the quote you have delivered to them, being polite and formal. Don’t deliver a quote without any message, as you will never be chosen.

  5. Go through the less attractive requests, but do not place an offer unless you know you can do the job. This is because, I have noticed that the buyers who put a request in there tend to use that regularly. If someone believes you’re spamming, then they will dismiss you for future gigs.


any other advices ?

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Reply to @onlinedzshop: it’s the same for me, i get most of buyers without answering the requests, but soetimes i get a buyer from the requests section.
Good luck for you too DZ brother :wink:

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Reply to @onlinedzshop: i got 97% rating because of 2 buyers, both didn’t responded to my messages so i waited for them after the time was over, and then they cancelled their orders without even contacting me (automatically a bad review :frowning: ) i always make sure that my buyers are 100% satisfied.
just a question : how could you see my rating ?

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Reply to @onlinedzshop: i don’t know how i could forgot this :stuck_out_tongue:

about the cancellation, i learned my lesson too ! i immediately modified the descirption “if i start working on what we agreed and the buyer doesn’t respond i will deliver because i don’t want to work for nothing, if i haven’t started yet i will simply cancel”

i will try to contact CS about this even it happened months ago, who knows maybe they could help me.

thanks for your time :slight_smile:

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Reply to @onlinedzshop: i contacted the CS and they removed the 2 negative feedbacks :smiley: my rating is 99% now :smiley: thank you for the idea :slight_smile:

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Reply to @imadou: You are so welcome my friend :slight_smile:

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What do you mean when you say “quote”?
I’m kind of scared to hit the “Send Offer” button since I am totally new here and I don’t want to commit to something I won’t be able to do well (I don’t know how those requests work).

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