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Any tips for some one who returns to Fiverr after 4 years

Hello fellow sellers.

I have been working on a full time job past few years and thinking to join Fiverr back and start working on freelance work. Do you have any tips for a returning seller like me ? Things have changed a lot since last time I did a delivery (4 years back)


I am also back in Fiverr 2 years time. In my opinion you will always be active and send 10 buyer requests a day and try to get a level 2 batch. Again, I said, “Be active, always.” :wink:


Noted with thanks :slight_smile:

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get into niches that are in demand, optimize your gigs, study your competitors and offer more value than them, offer bonuses, promote your gigs on social media. good luck :slight_smile:


I am also here after 2 years,getting everything nice though. Just keep yourself updated.


I want to restart my work in fiverr , i left work march,2019. But right now i can see my all Gigs keep on paused. How to make it active again? And how can i restart?