Any Tips for the New Seller


I am new seller on Fiverr &

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Any tips on what I should do from here on out to be successful? Fingers crossed become a Top-Rated Seller? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Reply to @kjblynx: Ok I’ll edit it & remove my website name & link from the forum


Exactly do what celticmoon said …! Read the guidelines first !


Please read the forum Do's and Don'ts, so you'll be aware of the guidelines and won't do things to get banned from posting, such as posting OFF-SITE LINKS.
Self-promotion belongs in the forum called "My Fiverr Gigs". Posting elsewhere is considered SPAM and isn't appreciated. Please edit and move your post.


I love how we come to these like good people actually wanting to help and get tricked. If I were to ever need these types of services JUST because you did this I will NEVER look to you guys to help me out. I hope in the long run you learn your lesson because your business etiquette and practices need a lot of work.


I am not promoting any of my gigs or websites.


Are you guys happy now