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Any tips how to say a buyer to give me order first?

Hello experts!!!
I am new so don’t know how to handle a buyer!!
Many buyer through massage in inbox!!
after some conversation they give me teamviewer or other id to try to solve or find out what is the problem!!
they say find out first what is the problem if you find out and then if you can solve than I will give you order!!!
Its logical???
Someday buyer want to fix one page error in teamviewer when I try to solve then saw there have lots of error!!
I solve only one and told buyer give me order first!!
After that buyer gone :frowning:

So please expert told me
How to handle a buyer??
when I told then give me order??

thank you

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can you copy code to your own file, fix it, and then show them the working code without actually giving them the code itself until they buy?

When I begin conversation with the buyer, I ask them what they are looking for. Typically, I have a number of questions and make sure that I know for certain what they want, and if I can provide.

Then I suggest a gig\price.

Then order, then work.

You should be able to communicate that you understand their need, and that you can do the work to the point where they place an order.

Ultimately, that sounds like scammy buyer. Did this happen to you only once? or more than once?

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Fiverr recommends never to start working until the order is actually placed.


More than once!!!

But now I told them after I understand wt the problem, please order first!!

After that one buyer stop to communicate me :frowning:

For that point am i wrong or right??
I don’t understand how to catch that’s type client!!

But as a newer how to prove, yes I can do your job!!!
I have no review so I try to prove them I can do your job so plz order now!!

If you do their work for free, why would they spend money on you?

They’re not clients, they’re just looking for freebies.

If they’re unwilling to pay $5 or $10 to test you, it’s highly unlikely that they’re ever going to buy from you.


I charge my clients with hourly rate and that includes problem investigation.
If a buyer is not able to explain what the problem is then they order 1h of my time. I will try to find the root cause and tell them if I can fix it or not. (This hour is not refundable even if I can’t fix the problem because they order my time not a solution)
If I can fix it then I send them another custom order for the amount of hours it will take me to fix it.


its good to make realize the buyer that you understand their needs and I believe its better to know before starting that you can solve their problem …its good at your end too…after that make sure ask them to place the order before actually giving your time … or you can work on your machine and show them proof …as a newbie go through this…

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One Has gone !! hahahhhaa … When i said plz give me order first :stuck_out_tongue:

No need to say “please” in that situation, it looks like begging (and “plz” is unprofessional, like a kid texting to their friends).

That one wasn’t going to buy from you anyway, so at least you didn’t waste your time on them.