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Any tips on getting first order?

I just made my gigs so i know it will take some time. But was just wondering if you guys had any tips or things i can change or work on to get my first sale on here? Thanks!

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Patience, but with a touch of initiative.

Fiverr is a saturated market and that first gig may take some time. Be aware that “foot traffic” (buyers who just happen to click through to your profile and gigs) is often someone looking for a newbie to convince to do lots of work for free. They think that because you’re new to Fiverr that you’re also pretty ignorant about the world in general, so stick to your guns.

The initative part starts with lurking around the Buyer Request section, which is tailored to the services specified in your profile. Go to Selling>buyer Requests and look around. That can be a good spot to find your first few buyers and to start building your seller history.

Good luck!

I’ll keep all that in mind! Thanks so much!

Hi. I am new here but have seen many recommendations to check out the Buyer’s request which you also mention. I’ve done that but it’s empty and isn’t showing any posts. Am I doing something wrong? TIA

Check this out:
for how to get orders.

If you want help you need to make your own post under the category Improve My Gig.