Any tips on getting orders? Used all I could find yet still no buys


Any help and or criticism please?


A strong portfolio with strong skills and nothing else
Try to use all 10 BR section request and make sure your proposal should be impressive enough to impress the buyer.
Good luck :blush:


Here are some ideas:

  1. Personally I think it would be interesting if you filmed yourself actually drawing the image and posted that video.

  2. Make your gig description longer and more detailed. You should go check other people offering similar gigs and see their gig descriptions. Sorry to sound harsh,but you haven’t put in enough time to set up your gig.

  3. I’m confused with the “3d” in your title, the images look very 2D to me.
    If it’s an 3D image, I would expect something done on a computer.

  4. Double check everything for spelling errors.


My friend, you got to improve that gig. The still image that you see before play the video is just a blurry image of your hair, also record yourself in a landscape mode, not that way in which you did it because if you play the video from the little square that is shown on the search page, you will not be able to see barely anything there.
Also, you should diversify your portfolio, if you offer more gigs you will increment your possibilities of getting your first sale sooner.
I hope these words help you blueblitz! :slight_smile:


Thank you all very much. :slight_smile:

Also question, does time of day have to do with response?


No, the time begins from the very moment you see the message.
Quick tip blueblitz: In your profile says that you are from the United States, then why did you put on your English level “basic”? That is kind of contradictory even if you just emigrated there…