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Any tips on how to get buyers quickly?

Please don’t add ‘go to buyers request’. I mean if you posted a request and saw someone offer his or her gig with no stars, I don’t think you would buy from them. It’s a less likely chance.

Give a list on how to get buyers quickly.
Thanks :wink:

You could start here:

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I don’t know about that, I got all of my first orders from buyers requests. It’s possible, just not super likely.


What i did is i create my own platform on social media, and i get amazing response from there.
You can follow that :slightly_smiling_face:

Promote your gigs, use buyers request etc etc, there are different ways to get buyers, but I don’t think there ever is a way to get orders quickly.

Being really good at what you are doing will help, but still it can take weeks.


I got my first buyer with buyer request.:expressionless:
Now your turn what you want.:rofl:

I did that and got restricted and now I have to wait another 30 days to get to level 1 so I suggest not doing that :grimacing: :grimacing:

Why did you get restricted? Were you advertising yourself in buyers requests?

It’s perfectly valid to use BR, as long as you use it in the way it’s intended to be used.

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My first buyer came from buyer requests and of course I had zero stars and only one sample piece that I had to make up so I would have sample work to offer. My next 6 after that came from BR as well. The first order I received that came from outside BR was a referral - one of the buyers that had purchased from me told a friend about my work and they bought from me.

After that I did a lot of work getting really involved in chat rooms, discussion boards, groups and Yahoo Answers (before Quora) and tried to become at least a little bit known as someone who knew about my category. Eventually, that brought me some business, but it wasn’t random social media promotion, it was targeted and a lot of work. It was not a fast process, it took me at least a couple of months to get 50 orders so I don’t have any tips for the “quickly” part unless you can spend a lot of money on marketing and hope to earn it back much later.


What do you mean? What do I say?

Good Idea. I think I might try to do that.

You don’t get restricted for promoting your gigs unless you break the rules. You don’t get restricted for using buyer requests corrected. You will get restricted if you try to advertise in buyer requests. What did you do to get restricted? That is what you were asked.

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I just literally copied what someone else had on there but changed the price and I was really confused when they declined my request because someone else had literally the exact same request posted!

Ah. Yeah, even if someone else gets away with breaking the rules, it doesn’t mean everyone will. If it helps your feelings any, the other person cannot get sales that way either. People who are only buyers cannot even see buyer requests. It does no good to advertise there. Now that you know, just remember to bid on the requests that buyers make there. Don’t try to use buyer request to promote yourself.

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Ok thank you :slight_smile: I have learnt my lesson :rofl::laughing:

I checked your gigs :see_no_evil:
I don’t want to hurt your feelings but it seems like you just put some random gigs there to earn some money!

You need tips to create gigs not to get buyers!
Let me help you “Mate” :smiley:

Since you are from Australia I assume your first language is English and you are good at it!
That is awesome now you have something unique. Next, how to use that ability in gigs?
Well, you can write things or check things, example:

  • I will write the perfect script for you in one days for $5
  • I will proofread you paper in one day for $5 … etc
    Look for gigs related to English, when people see the Australian flag on your profile they will trust your English ability which is a bonus!

Hope that help!

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And yes, one more thing. Try to put your OWN picture!
The first thing I do when I want to buy from someone is google-search their profile picture!
If they are using some model or cool picture from the internet then I am not interested!

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Thanks! I am working on that now :smiley: