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Any tips on how to improve my profile


Hi everyone I am pretty new on here I have had 14 sales so far. Could anyone look at my profile and see where I could improve I appreciate it. All the best to everyone with their gigs to. Let me know if maybe I could help any new sellers.


Hi Crystal,
Your call is important to us. Please wait and someone will be here to assist you shortly… :telephone_receiver:


Hi, @crystaldayton.

If I were you, I would add a tag line & longer descriptions for your gigs, where you explain everything a buyer needs to know about your service. :blush:


@crystaldayton If I were you I would take the time to actually create some cool designs according to Fiverr’s specifications and fill out all the portfolio placeholders available.

Right now you main gig image is a squished image that doesn’t even fill out the space allowed, and I’m sure that’s not the right way to advertise what you can what you can do.


Thank you for everyones input yes you are right I need to get some better designs for fiverr and get it to the right specifications.