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Any tips on my first gig?

Hey everyone,

I have been working on my first Fiverr gig and any feedback would be much appreciated! I’ve been making revisions to it over the past 3 days and I will probably continue to do so over time. I haven’t seen any orders yet but I haven’t started promoting my gig either. I’ve been reading up on tips on the forum and have added a FAQ section, a photo, and a detailed description. I also started out with a low price because I haven’t made a sale yet and don’t have reviews.

I will setup Google Analytics tracking on your website


Gig image: too many colors, too much text
Description seems ok at first glance.

And you can charge more than $5. :slight_smile: and also you should use the package option!


Thanks for the feedback. I was trying to offer the best deal in order to push for a few sales before raising my prices, but perhaps I should reconsider?

I will do some A/B testing with the images to see which ones convert better. I’ll work on one without as many distractions!

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If you ask me, you should! Having $5 prices doesn’t guarantee any sales and buyers love to see high prices! :wink:

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I do not agree with @levente_gl on raising your gig prices immediately. I do agree on too much text and too much colour. Only use two, MAX three colours for tiny accents like professional designers do. I do like that you are showing your face clearly everywhere though, something which a lot of people are reluctant to do.

In any case, I think what you are doing with the 5$ gig is great. You have to initially grow a pool of clients before making any serious money out of it. Fiverr is very competitive and extremely vast, so you will need to see what works best for you.

For the gig description, use a list, people love them. They’re easy to understand and provide a quick recap of what you do. Highlighted text is a personal preference, I wouldn’t overuse it though. I think in general your gig is pretty good for being a first-time gig. My 1st one had a shitty generic image that I looked up on Google and I still managed to get some jobs so stick to it and make sure you keep working and improving your profile!

If you treat Fiverr as your sole income source, they will do the same. That’s the experience that I’ve had. It’s very important to scale your business on Fiverr as well. If you can’t always work, that’s fine, we’re all human, but know that Fiverr wants you to leave your gig open at all times at some point. Those are the gigs that Fiverr loves best and they are the ones that gain the most traction. Obviously, this will require time and some other people you can work with. Overall, keep selling for 5$ until you get 20 or so reviews (the most important factor on Fiverr) and then start thinking about adding more gigs before raising the price on the first one.

Always offer a gig that’s not a best-seller and try to make it grow. This will help you scale your business over time while also making money from your best seller. I hope you are going to have a lot of success on Fiverr.

Kind regards,

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Hm… so perhaps I should do some testing with my pricing? Maybe create a second gig and price it a bit higher and see what happens? I see it both ways… keep pricing low to attract sales or raise prices to present the gig as a premium service to attract those buyers who like to spend a little more.

Thank you for all of the tips! Adding a list is a great idea. I will rewrite my description and put a list at the top!! I know I have a lot to learn :grinning:

Do you guys think this is still too distracting?