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Any tips on selling Travel eBooks on Fiverr?

Hi Fiverr folks! Just started with Fiverr, selling a travel eBook, and have received a few sales already (so excited!). I don’t see many other eBooks on Fiverr; does anyone have tips on promoting and selling them here? Anyone with experience that could offer some advice? Thank you!

One thing you could do is rewrite your book to have a more broad topic about Traveling for cheap or free anywhere, not just one specific place.

Most e-books that do well on Fiverr are either highly in demand or are in a collection of other books. There are so many free and .99 books on the web it is tough to make sales on Fiverr with a single e-book for five bucks. Good luck!

Thanks! Those are both very good points. Try and broaden for a wider audience I guess.