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Any tips on standing out?

I know that it’s important to find a niche or offer something unique that stands out from the crowd but, I’m experienced only with Photoshop editing and digital rendering. How do you make yourself unique when what you can offer is very useful but not special at all? I would love to brainstorm and help others who also feel like they have a hard time finding a niche.

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How do you make yourself unique when what you can offer is… not special at all?

Special is subjective. Sometimes it’s possible to highlight an aspect of your service that makes you appear special, even if you’re not.

For example, I could create a Gig offering to write articles without a single grammar error. I could include that USP in my title, I could add some images to really sell it, etc. To a lot of people, that’d make me appear pretty special. I’d look unique. Thing is, probably half the writers on this site write error-free articles every day. They just don’t advertise that fact. My doing so would help me to stand out from the crowd of people who all market themselves in more or less the same way.

Now, I don’t know if any writer on here already has a Gig like that. Maybe. I haven’t checked, because I was just giving an example. Point is, most products usually have something pretty cool about them that nobody has highlighted. If you can discover one of those cool facts, you’ve most likely found a USP.

I’d like to help you to find an interesting aspect of design that you could perhaps highlight, but unfortunately I know very little about Photoshop.


Thank you for the help! This makes a lot of sens actually. I can think of so many more “Special Things” that I can do that everyone else probably can as well but just don’t use it in their gig titles. I guess instead of trying to sell your gig against others on the platform, you just need to sell your gig to the buyers. This is really good advice thanks!


Exactly. If you turn on the TV, you’ll see so many companies are advertising their products this way. In the UK, we recently had a dental company advertise their mouthwash, saying it prevents bleeding gums. The campaign was a success, despite the fact almost every single decent mouthwash on the market does that. But none were really highlighting that fact.

I mean, there are other marketing strategies out there, but this is one of my favourites! One to give some thought to at the very least.