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Any tips to improve my gigs?


Hi everyone,

I’m wondering if anyone would mind giving me a few tips/opinions on how to improve my gigs and attract buyers? I’ve been gaining more impressions recently after changing keywords and tags a little bit per some advice I’ve read on the forum (thank you, btw!) but I’m still looking for other ways to get that first order and start my fiverr journey. Any advice would be seriously appreciated!



Have you researched your target customers, do you know what they need, and have you determined how you can solve those needs? Are you reaching out to those target customers and convincing them to hire you? Your customers need to know how and where to find you. If you’re not taking the time to market and promote your gigs, how do you expect them to find you and place orders?

Being in business as a freelancer is a lot of hard work. Sitting back, fiddling with keywords and tags, and expecting everything else to happen by chance is not an effective business strategy.

You have some interesting services. Go find the people that need them.


You could search by “improve gig” You would see many threads related your topic.And check the fiverr tips section .May be that can help you.


Hi @jonbaas, thanks for your advice! I have been doing some promoting on social media as well as applying to buyer requests that I believe I can meet, right now I’m at the point of trying to figure out other options for promotion as well! I’ve recently added a couple of new gigs based on demand that I’ve been seeing, adjusted my pricing and tried to make sure my descriptions and offers are very clear. I admit that I’m struggling a little bit trying to think of other ways to reach out to potential customers. Obviously more research is in order!

I totally agree that being a freelancer is about more than fiddling with keywords and expecting good things to fall from the sky (I hope I didn’t come off otherwise) - everything worth having in life takes hard work and I’m just here to figure out how to do my best. Appreciate your help!

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Are your target customers connected to you on social media? Probably not, since most people are only connected to their friends, and their friends are the only people who see what they post. Social media marketing is not effective unless you are connected to the target customers who need your services.

You are going to have to study, research, and understand your target market to know what they need, and where they hang out. Once you know these things, you will know where to market your services, and you will be able to then develop unique strategies that work for that market. We cannot tell you were to market your gigs because we do not know your target market.

I, and others, are happy to help. But we can’t do your work for you. :wink:


@jonbaas, thanks again for your response! Re: target customers. Some of them actually are connected to me! I didn’t see the point in advertising on social networks where I’m only connected to my friends so I’ve been trying to be picky about which ones I’ve used? I have a relatively extensive linkedin network where I’ve been advertising my editing and typing services and I’ve been focusing my efforts for my creative gigs more on networks like FB and tumblr where I’m part of larger creative communities and have previously taken writing commissions?

Definitely don’t want anyone to do the work for me, but you’ve given me some stuff to think about and I appreciate it! Mostly I was wondering if there were any glaringly obvious issues with my gigs that might make them confusing to buyers - sometimes after I’ve been looking at my own work for too long it’s harder to see the errors so another set of eyes is so helpful.


You may be connected to those people, but it would appear that you are not reaching them. Are those people likely to place orders for your services? If not, then they aren’t your target market.

As for looking through your gigs, you have six of them. I, alas, do not have the time to assess and advise you on improvements to six gigs, however, there may be other forum users who are willing to do so. I will let them follow up – if they choose to do so.