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Any translate service for you

i will do any translation

What languages can you translate?

It says in your gig that you translate English to Spanish.
It also says in your gig description:

“Top rated seller with over 5500 orders completed, translating on Fiverr since 2013.”

That’s not the way to do business.


Are you can translate Sinhala to English :joy:

you are a newbie on Fiverr but you have writen “top rated seller” on your gig description. Please remove it immediately.

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yes sir…if you need plz order me

all language sir…if you want plz contract me

@hackertareq15 i am so much surprised to see your are trained to translate spanish? please brother i am a Bangladeshi so please dont destroy the market place by offering services for what you are not capable to do.its not a playground.your gig description is totally copy pasted.just for you new comers all buyers have a negative mind set for Our country.respect your country respect Bangladesh!!

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Please report fiverr. its a copy pasted description.shame on me that this person is from my country!!

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Yeah.its Really Bad @anikatitly

I was asking because that means you’re using a software to do that in which case you should start that in your gig. Otherwise it’s misleading.

Best of luck.

Yes. I agree with you cause I’m Bangaldeshi too.

thanks fr showing my mistake and wishing me

plz give me your email …if u want

Why will you need my email? I can’t share with you my personal information. Fiverr doesn’t allow it

coz i am new worker …i think i need you hlp…and um sure u hlp me coz ur bangladeshi…