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Any Vegans Around?


Just wondering if there are any vegans here besides me?

Show yourself! :slight_smile:



Last year I did almost 4 months of being vegan. It was alright, but eventually started eating meat and fish again. Have always mostly avoided dairy though.
what are some of your staple go-to vegan dishes?


I was a vegetarian for 22 years (but not now), so can easily do vegan if we have vegan visitors. I don’t think that counts though.

But if you ever come to stay, your principles are safe with me :slight_smile:


Sorry no, I’m full meat eater. :slight_smile:


I am a vegetarian slowly but surely transitioning into becoming a vegan! :smiley:


I think I can never be a vegan. Especially after one of my vegan friends (not close friend) got angry at me and insulted me for not being a vegan. He said I am cruel, I am stupid for eating meat, etc. LOL.

Edited: I´m not the only one he has insulted. He insults everyone who is not a vegan. He thinks he is better than other people and he looks down on other people who are not vegan. But I hope you are not like him.


Yes, I dont eat meat . I feel disgusting to eat any kinds of meat . So I eat vegetables and fruits . Because of this my family and relatives always insulted me. I am becoming skinny day by day . Actually they feel jealous because they are eating meat and getting fat .

But I am not eat any meat, only eat vegetables and feel healthy and safe and skinny as well . But in our society why people always look our body and talk about body .

When Someone come to our house, first they look my body . Its really disgusting . I hate them . But i dont stop eating vegetables. I love to eat :two_hearts:


Because they have nothing else to do maybe.

By the way, I´m not a vegan but I´m not fat. Meat does not make you fat. It´s too much carbo, sugar, saturated fat, etc, that make you fat.


i am not only Eating Vegetables but also doing Exercise hardly . So . My Kid brother Always eat meat and he look like Sumo …He is Just 3rd grade student but he is overweight . becasue of meat .

You are absolutely right , they have nothing to do . They are just eating and gossiping

Hate this types of people



I have seen a lot of vegans eating plants and gossiping about non vegans. LOL.

On a serious note, don´t bother what other people say about your body. It´s none of their business. Their body is also none of your business.


I eat whatever my cook makes or is available at the nearby Domino’s Pizza/Faasos/Cafe Coffee Day/Pizza Hut/McDonald’s.


I enjoy eating vegetables and fruits​:hugs::hugs::hugs:
but I won’t stop eating meat :rofl:


I’m so sorry this happened to you. I know there are certain vegans that do try to attack others for their beliefs, and that’s not right. No one deserves to be mistreated/insulted and everyone has the right to believe in what they choose. Everyone and every living being deserves love and respect.
With that being said, don’t base your beliefs/decisions on what others have done to you, but instead, base your beliefs on what you believe to be right in your heart.

Much love,

Bernadette Eata


I’m vegetarian. I really prefer to eat eggs and dairy so I am not vegan, but I doubt I would ever go back to eating meat. I’ve been a vegetarian for too long and I like it. :slight_smile:

I sure have no problem with what other people eat. Each must make their own choices and it’s fine. Even though I am vegetarian, I am not very skinny anymore. Getting older makes it easier to gain weight and vegetarians can still eat bread and cookies and other goodies! I try to eat healthy most days, but I’m not strict about it.


@bernieeata Thanks.


My favorite meat is fish. I like mahi-mahi, tuna, salmon, cat fish, hekk fish, etc - any fish that doesn´t have delicate small bones that would make me choked (such as carp, oh I hate them). Unfortunately it´s not easy to get fresh fish where I live.


I never talk about anyones. I never insulted others .

Actually In our country , if you are fat , They will talk , If you are skinny , they will talk , If you are beautiful or ugly , whatever you are , They always try to look body and talk …

I hate it

When Someone Come in our house, Most of the people, say to me,=== ah! you dont eat , How Skinny you are ? There is nothing in your body .

Why They are looking my body . Actually they are trying to look my b…bs… and as… nothing else. they are just pervert .

Its not any sympathy . They love to see others


LOL…you are brutally honest.


I eat whatever my mom cooks or whatever god wants me to eat today. No thoughts, simple soul LOL.