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Any voice over sellers know how to get live portfolio working?

Hello :wave: From searching the forum, I know the live portfolio is dependent on the seller enabling it within the gig(with the live portfolio check mark) and the buyer clicking yes somewhere- but I haven’t been able to find how this all exactly works with audio.

1)Does live portfolio support both .wave and Mp3?

2)What do I need to do on my end to make it possible for my buyers to click yes?

3)Does the option to upload a PDF in gallery have anything to do with it?

4)And is it allowed to ask them to consider clicking yes for live portfolio when I deliver the audio?

Also- I’ve looked at established voice over sellers profiles and am not seeing the “live portfolio” to even view…so

5)where is it located within the sellers public facing profile?

6)And final question- do I need to be a certain level seller to have this yes or no question appear to buyers?

Any info would be greatly appreciated!!


1. Yes, it supports both formats.

2. Instructions below.

3. No

4. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with asking them to tick it. As long as it’s a request and not a requirement, you should be fine.

5. For Audio only projects, it shows up next to your gig videos/audio like the one on the right:


If someone comes across your gig in search, they’ll be able to see whatever is on your live portfolio by clicking to the right.


6. No

Go to your profile, click the 3 dots on the gig you want to enable this on:


Select advanced


Click Live Portfolio



Not all sellers like having actual audio/images/video/text/demonstrations for paying clients appear on their gig page and intentionally turn off Live Portfolio.

Some might think it clutters up that scrolling sidebar unnecessarily, or, some sellers want absolute control over what appears on their gig page and don’t appreciate the potential randomness of what previous buyers might consent to making public.


Thank you so much for the details!


In your opinion, what is the best way? Do most voiceover sellers have it on or off?


In general, most sellers seem to have Live Portfolio active, except for specific gigs that might contain private/sensitive information.

A number of Top Rated Sellers do not have Live Portfolio active, and that might just be to, as aforementioned, have control over exactly what appears on their gig page.