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Any way of promoting your Gig on fiverr itself?


I would gladly pay to receive some sort of promotion, my gig is very useful in industry i am in, but since its counts as “business” and “other”, my gig just cant get enough exposure to buyers, because of all “i will input data into excel” spamming bots.


Fiverr does not offer a “pay for visibility” program. The only way to get seen in the search results and gig categories is to deliver great services, on time, that earn positive reviews.


Well how do you get it going? Because from my perspective, its nearly impossible to start anything now, because all fivver does is promote only OLD and BEST REVIES gigs, and not single “new” one.


You work your ass off just like we did.

Far from it. Keep reading the forum :wink:
TRS and featured sellers do get some benefits, but they’ve earned it.


Well said! It baffles me why so many new users come here, and think that they can just sit back on their laurels and become wealthy.

Every business requires work, @bigpersonalety . Work for your success, or sit back and have no work. You know what you have to do, even if you don’t want to do it. :wink:


You can promote your gigs in the My Fiverr Gigs section of the forum & hope somebody looking for your service reads it.


I would not say this is true. After I had been here only about two months I could often find one of my gigs on the first page of the Proofreading and Editing page. By the way, I sold my first gig after a little over a month so I did not have that many reviews either. :blush: