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Any way to avoid negative effects of cancellations?

I got trolled. Today I logged on to see someone ordered my gig (without messaging me as stated in the very first line) then immediately asked for a cancellation.

Is there a difference between them cancelling and ME cancelling? or is it all gonna affect my rating? And what if they do it again and again and again?

First of all, do not force cancellation 'cause this will hurt you really bad!!

If you want offer a mutual cancellation: this won’t be bad for your ratings, but can affect your Levels (if cancellation ratio becomes too high).

Reply to @mark74: I don’t know how to force one…i only see “click to mutually cancel” at the bottom.

But i don’t know if i should make the request, or the buyer themselves. I asked them to do it, but am now not getting any answer.

The buyer ordered and then immediately asked to cancel without even attempting to complete the order (never got any files or info) so i’m not really forcing them.

and i dont think it’s fair that my levels take a hit because of someone elses joke

Reply to @mischiefmeer: it’s not important who asks the mutual cancellation! So you can do it and stay safe.

It’s not fair that a buyer fault affects us sellers and you can find a lot of discussions about this in the forum; one, started by me a long time ago was this