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Any way to blacklist a buyer


I have a trouble with a buyer… He always order without consulting with me first and submit unnecessary info saying he’ll submit the required ones later. Then he just become unresponsive for few days and close the gigs saying late delivery. He did this for 2 gigs and my rate dropped to 96%. I really need to do something about this. Any ideas???


First of all, submit a ticket on Customer Support: provide every evidence you can to show you’re on the right side and probably those negative feedbacks will be removed.

Answering the title of your thread, unfortunately there’s no way to blacklist a buyer and avoid to receive orders from him; we asked this feature a lot of times, but nothing happened. Anyway if this fact happens again, open another ticket with Customer Support explaining your reasons and asking that buyer to be warned not to repeat the same mistakes more than once; consider that if that buyer usually acts like he did with you, his account could be suspended…


Contact fiverr support for sure. However an alternative is really to let him know that if this type of stuff happens again from him you’ll contact fiverr support and that can get his terminated. Afterall sellers are here for the buyers. I don’t like when buyers harass sellers (and vice versa :))

To the point truthfully, if this indeed did mess up your ratings and he is continuing, don’t wait to contact support.

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Thanks guys


Just created on facebook, enter in facebook this : blacklist fiverr