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Any way to block a buyer from ordering a gig?


Hi, I am looking and have not found a block option.

The buyer was abusive to me when I was sick and in the hospital and politely requested a cancellation and I do not want them to try again.

First time I have ever struck this…


Unfortunately, you can only block someone from messaging you, not from buying. You can always just keep canceling their orders. If it’s clear they’re trying to order just to “punish” you, CS might be willing to do something about it.

If they genuinely think they want to work with you, I think it’s worth explaining that you don’t want to work for individuals that you have not been able to please in the past. Or even just tell them that you didn’t appreciate how they spoke to you and you aren’t going to take on orders from people that are abusive.


Reply to @emasonwrites: If he keeps cancelling orders, his cancellation ratio will keep on going which is not good at all. There has to be a better solution from Fiverrs end.


Reply to @d3services: That’s the point. If the buyer just keeps ordering, despite the fact that silverfox obviously doesn’t want to work with him and has canceled his orders, that’s when she needs to go to CS and have them take care of it–because at that point, the orders are being used to punish her.


Can anyone tell me how to delete some of my favorite gigs in the favorites tab? Thanks in advance


Reply to @rockhound15: You just go to your Favorites and click on the heart of the gigs you want to un-favorite, then refresh the page and they’ll be gone :slight_smile:


this would be a great sollution from Fiverr


I would love this feature on Fiverr.