Any way to change delivery time for orders placed?


Hello everyone!

So, a client of mine ordered an online class, which I had as a 1 day delivery, but he needs it for this Monday instead, is there any problems with leaving the order as it is and simply “deliver” it by Monda when it’s needed or not?


You can only extend the time by mutually contact with buyers from “Resolve now” option. But if buyer don’t agree with extending time, it’ll count as late delivery and He/She may cancel the delivery.


I understand, but besides the client being capable of cancelling the order there are no repercussions? And what’s the best way to do it in the “Resolve now” option, “buyer will order again” or “technical reasons”?


If your buyer agrees with extending the time you can just deliver a portion of your work. it’ll stop the clock and you will get 3 more days to auto complete and that time you can deliver your full order again.

If you wanna try “resolve now” option, then select other and describe and follow steps :slight_smile:
The first option is recommended :slight_smile: I did that once


Excellent, thank you!


You’re welcome​:innocent::innocent::innocent: (20 characters)