Any way to check if it is the same buyer?


I had told you guys about a buyer that gave me negative feedback with just the thumbs down, no real feedback. He never responded to me. I had given him a week to respond to my offer for mutual cancellation/refund. Since he still did not reply, I told him I contacted customer support and that I was no longer going to offer a refund.

So, 4 hours ago, I managed to get eight gig orders. Alright, I know I’m awesome, but not THAT awesome. :slight_smile:

ALL of the buyers, except one, are new. They also eerily have the same ‘tone of voice’ if you know what I mean… from the way they type. Also, I noticed that two of them were created four hours ago, two were created three hours ago, and another two were created less than an hour ago. They also bought my gig in that order meaning all of these people made an account just to buy my gig. Coincidence? I think not.

I really think it was my unhappy buyer that made all these account. He has the money to do so… I don’t know what to do.



Hehe, I still have about 1 week before I am eligible for level up. T_T

I should do a free 1 card reading or something. :slight_smile:


Give them a. the benefit of the doubt or b. readings as positive as you can make them. to the suspicious accounts (I know you value honesty but nothing wrong with pouring sugar in your lemonade. :wink: I don’t think there’s much else you can do.

PS: I was going to buy one from you today but saw the lineup (I thought it was because you were on the front page – you know you are, right?) I’ll wait until Monday. :smiley:


PS: It’s also possible that people saw you near the top of the front page, wanted the gig and created the accounts just to get it. It’s a very attractive gig.


Yeah, I know I’m on the front page. :slight_smile: Yay!!

See… the thing that strikes me most suspicious is that they all use the same tone of voice. I can tell that you are you, bittygrandma is her, and madmoo is madmoo because when the three of you type, all of your tones of voices are different.

I wonder if Customer Support can verify these users as not using the same paypal/credit card or verify that they are not from the same country/using the same IP address. I put a ticket in but I have no idea if it will lead anywhere.


With your gig on the front page, I would guess that the sudden spurt of orders is a result of that. When one of my gigs hit the front page all of a sudden orders were coming in like crazy. It’s good to check with customer support if you’re worried, but 8 isn’t an unreasonable amount of orders to get from front page exposure.


Reply to @zulualpha: Yes, but you have gotten orders from 8 brand new members? I that have all signed up back to back? o_o

You know what, pokes cards I think it is time for me to harass my cards to do a personal reading. v_V


Customer support told me to go ahead and deliver and if I get whacked with a stream of negative feedback they will remove it since I gave them a heads up about my suspicions. :slight_smile:

My cards told me to eat breakfast. -_-


Welp, I ate breakfast and then I was told to “follow my destiny and do not worry about the outcome.” Very appropriate. :slight_smile:


I’ll bet you’ll level up soon. We should throw you a Level Up Party when it happens. :smiley: