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Any way to control INSTANT ORDERING in Fiverr

Hi, this is Ahmed.

Is there any way to control instantaneous ORDER PLACEMENT from buyers. Though I already mentioned explicitly to INBOX ME before placing order. I cancelled my last two orders as my Gigs are contextual and buyers ordered without discussing me with in advance.


I just watched an interview with the founder of fiverr, where he said that the main feature of fiverr is someone can click one button and instantly place an order, just like ordering from Amazon.

So the idea of somehow blocking an order or delaying it for any reason won’t happen on this site.

I know it’s very difficult, but somehow, most sellers should try to find some way to work around this difficulty. Be creative in your approach. The least you can is is announce in the gig description they should contact you first before ordering.


Thankyou Miss.

I mentioned in my Gigs. I think they placed order from mobile app where they missed the complete info. (I do not know how Gigs display in the mobile app interface for Buyers).


If I had that kind of gig where I needed to get more information from them I would make the best use of the gig requirements section I could. I would even have a PDF file they had to fill in if necessary in that area. I would be very demanding in that area.

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Wow! I think you are lucky man. :smiley:
Because orders cathing is not easy in fiverr!
So if you disturb for your unrelated orders. you pic some other local freelancers and give him then you both earn 50% 50% percent if you do …

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I think I should check “Answer is Mandatory” in requirements.


The question is not about unrelated. The question is about scope. Sometimes a tactic which we do for our website cannot work on others. This is the case of Wordpress related Gigs where someones theme or plugin conflict with solution.

Oh. that is problem brother!

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