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Any way to get sellers from 2 different gigs to collaborate on one project?

I have a project and hired 2 different sellers on Fiverr to work on different parts of the project. Bu I want the 2 sellers communicating for better synergy and to clear issues that may arise with discussion. How do I set up a meeting of all stakeholders or my project on Fiverr?

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You can’t. There is no mechanism for you to do so and each contract only obligates the person to do the part of the project you hire them to do. There is no collaborative element in the scope.

Dole the work out separately.

One order per seller. That’s all you can do.

One order means one set of ratings and rankings. You can’t tie one seller’s ratings to another.

On top of all this, for your idea to work, the sellers would have to communicate off of Fiverr or at least independently of you. That is very inefficient project management. You need to be privy to everything.

There is no protection in Fiverr policy for two sellers to work on one order, anyway.

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My project is an 8 unit townhouse development on a hill. The Architect has the design but the structural engineer needs to sign off on it. In the real world should have synergy between both of them even though they are both different works. So yeah there totally should be such a thing. I have reached out for clarification from support hope to hear soon . If not I’ll charge them for suggesting such a feature now they are an ipo.

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Then the system needs to be equipped to do that kind of work. All I am saying is that it isn’t. Isn’t and shouldn’t are two very different things ,so don’t mistake me, please.

If you get to know the platform and ToS you will understand why this won’t work as it is now. You can’t split an order in two and make a three way order conversation and make it possible to divy ratings for one order for two people, all of which would need to happen for your plan to work.

Like any project management, it’s important to understand logistics and capacity. Wanting something and thinking it should exist doesn’t substitute that.