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Any way to get the Promoted Gigs options on my profile?


I hope everyone is doing very well. I know that the promoted gig option is currently in beta. But is there any way to test this service ?? If I contact Fiverr Customer Support and apply for this option do they enable this option for my account ??

Advance thanks for all kinds of help.


Customer support can guide you in this because that was very old service I don’t know is it still available or not ask customer support nad let us know as well thanks

They are asking about a new feature, which is currently in beta for a select few.

@pro_coders No harm in asking, but I doubt they’ll do it. As far as I know, no one has been successful in doing that.


what is criteria to achieve that ?

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I don’t think anyone here can give you an accurate answer.

If it was me driving this project, I would probably pick a mixture of experienced sellers who get regular orders, and newer sellers with very few or none at all. It isn’t something I would open up to applications though. The point of a beta is to test and gather information - I’d stick to the group that I chose initially.


Its only handpicked by fiverr


Okay I understand. Thanks a lot.