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Any way to make thumbnail from Gallery not from Video?

I added a video to my gig and unfortunately the gig thumbnail was changed. If I wanted to change the thumbnail again I had to select it from the video but I want to make the thumbnail from the gallery images. Is it possible?

As far as I know, the video thumbnail has to come from a frame in the video. You could put the gallery image(s) somewhere in your video then use the video thumbnail setter to find the place in the video where it is shown. Though the video thumbnails, depending on where shown, will be cropped and scaled a certain amount.


I hope this helps:

Adjusting Gig Video Preview (Thumbnail)

If you wish to adjust your video thumbnail, your video must be approved first.

To set your Video Preview:

While in Gig Edit mode, click Gallery.
Scroll down to the Gig Video section, then click the edit icon your Gig video.
Click on Play and then pause the video on the desired frame and click on Set Preview.
Click Close.

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As UK1000 mentioned it has to be incorporated in the video. Don’t you have the desired image in the video already?

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Unfortunately, no gallery images are in the video. Need I reupload the video with the gallery images? Reupload means it will need to be approved again. No way to show gallery images as thumbnail?

Unfortunately there is no other way around it.




Fiverr should solve the problem. :disappointed_relieved:

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You can post a suggestion under “Fiverr Site Suggestions”

Thank you for your kind information.

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