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Any Way To Refresh Warnings?

Greetings Everyone.

I would like to share my thoughts first and then will ask the question related to it and have suggestion for fiverr community to look into it if there is any possibility to overcome this kind of situation. As there must be many other users like me.

As we all know we are human beings, and we are made in a way to make errors and mistakes . Similarly i did two violations (which i was not aware of). And both of the violations were from different categories . I was using mobile and didn’t able to get that red warning on textarea.

Now is there any way to repent from these violations or warnings as i already receive my warning and next time my account will be banned even if i did violate any rule unintentionally like the previous two.

Is there any way to reset those warnings or refresh account (except for reviews). Because in this way most of the users may leave fiverr and never return. I have spent 6 years to build my small profile and all my effort will go to waste.

Looking forward for suggestions and solutions. (Other than reading rules and regulations, i already did that but errors and mistakes are human nature, cant overcome that )


Warnings stay on your account forever - it’s right there in the help files.

They may expire from your account stats after 60 days … but they don’t disappear.

Just keep carefully to the TOS


Try not to break the rules again, I guess?

I mean, if there are many sellers who have never received any warnings, surely you can be careful not to break the rules for the third time?


Read through the terms of service.
They will help hugely to keep you in line and prevent another warning. It’s not as complicated as you might think and they lay out the rules clearly for both sellers and buyers.


Check this out: Don't do it! .... You Have Been Warned!

you are right. but my both of warnings are related to different categories . and both were unintentional . liike one was about sharing my email . which is fatal i accept but second was related to submitting someone’s uni work which even i was not aware of .

That’s why you haven’t been banned yet.

You mean, you didn’t know that they were a student and that is was a uni assignment?

yes . he never mentioned that he was uni student . i was doing his survey work . and survey paper writing is not necessarily always be uni work . there are various professors who dont have time to do their paper work so they ask from other service providers to help them .

and on that specific delivery . i got warning.

well i am planning to keep my profile for showing purpose only to other clients on other platforms. wont be taking any more orders on fiverr. just for safe side.

else my 6 years hard work will be in vain

What would be the point of giving a warning if it could be revoked?

No one would follow the rules because they would think, “Oh I can get this off my record.”

but there should be proper support or live chat system from fiverr, where they prove if service provider is actually guilty of violating the rule or not

They already have that. That’s how they know when to give warnings. So I’d say it’s doing it’s job.

They aren’t going to increase their tracking services to let people with warnings wipe their record.

The point of a record is to motivate people to not break the rules again.

Can you provide me the url of link where i can prove that my last warning was invalid ?

The URL? I have no idea what you’re talking about.

A URL can’t prove your warning was invalid. That makes no sense. It’s a line of text.

Try this link to create a support ticket:

If you can prove it’s invalid and they agree they might then remove the warning.


thanks for the share.

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