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Any way to stop multiple gigs per purchase?


I do digital doodles for folks and I’m doing really well (thanks Fiverr!). I have an absolute deadline of 2 days to produce the drawing. Problem is that some people are submitting 8 gigs in one job which means I have to do 8 drawings in 2 days or miss the deadline.

Is there a way to only allow, for example, one gig and one extra per job?

PS: Fiverr, you seriously need a feature where a seller can reject a job. I get people buying gigs that are nothing to do with digital doodles!


You could try extending your delivery time. Or, politely explain to the buyer that you cannot deliver them all at the same time. Most buyers are quite lenient and will allow you to schedule your delivery accordingly.

I would love a “reject order” button (perhaps with the time-constraint so seller’s can’t reject a hour before delivery). I would also like an extension if the queue reaches a certain “limit”. I would not, however, want to reject orders outright (as opposed to postponing them).


The only way around this is to have the buyer add the extra doodles as extras and have additional time of 2 days on each extra.

Have an extra of I will add a doodle and set time to 2 additional days


Reply to @psychedelicpup: Yes, that works too. I made the mistake as a newbie of not adding more days to my extras. I learned my lesson really quickly!


Reply to @cheezees: Haha! We were posting at the same time. Explaingin works too :slight_smile: