Any way to weed out Fraudulent Providers?


So I receive an almost completed order today for a writing gig I posted 10-12 days ago. It was for 10,000 word ebook/article. Plagiarism Free (1 of the requirements). I open the file and start reading through it and it was looking good.

I used a couple plagiarism checkers 100% Plagiarism Free!!! That was the 1st Red Flag for me. I have written many things in my life and even when I personally write something in my own words and run it through a plagiarism checker it is NEVER 100% Plagiarism Free. I decided to run a Spell Check on it in my Microsoft Word. It showed almost every single word as misspelled even though from sight, it looked correct.

This caused me to do a little more research on how to beat a Plagiarism Checker and I learned that special characters can be used for certain letters but will look like the letter it replaces. So basically, this Fivver Seller, Copied someone else’s work online, Pasted it into Word Document and the used the REPLACE Function to change out certain letters with these special characters. Doing so caused the plagiarism checker to be rendered useless.

There is a lot of money lost by customers which will not leave a pleasant taste in their mouths. This will cause customer retention to suffer tremendously which will cause the sellers to feel the pain too.


You should report the seller to Fiverr. They’ve scammed you. That’s not on.

I don’t think there’s any sure-fire way to weed out problem sellers. I like to reverse search a seller’s picture, gig description and samples before I buy from them. It reduces the odds of dealing with a dud, but isn’t foolproof.


I was lucky and had the time to check this out before approving the gig complete. I am sure most people don’t know about Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software. I didn’t before today.


This has happened several times on 5r. They can replace common letters, especially vowels such as “a”, “o”, “u”, etc. with ones from foreign letters like Russian, Spanish, and on.

It will come back 100% plagiarism free.

Not many buyers are savvy like you. They will post stolen work - which will get them into trouble and not the seller.

Contact Customer Support with link to original website. You should get your money back and hopefully, 5r will discipline the seller. They’ve been really cracking down on fraudulent sellers.


That is good to know. This is the 1st time I have had a problem with it since 2015.


Good for you. Sellers doing this are very deceitful, shady asf, and should be ashamed of themselves. I’m thrilled you didn’t fall for their sneaky trick. This makes me so damn angry! :rage:


Amen to that.

One bad, unscrupulous seller taints all good sellers. A new buyer would think this was a scam site and leave with sour grape in her mouth.

Talk about ultra lazy. If some of these folks spent some time learning their craft vice wasting it on how to cheat the system.


Keep us updated. Like to know if the seller gets banned or just gets a slap on the wrist


I used the Replace All feature in Microsoft word to replace each of the characters in the document. All of the Vowels and maybe 5 consonants were unknown to me and unreadable.

Ran the plagiarism check and it shows 20.61% plagiarized and still only 80% done. Would that be an acceptable number for you? When I was in college we were only allowed 6% MAX.


:eyes: That’s terrible!