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Anybody else experiencing problems with credit card payments?


Tried 2 different credit cards from 2 different providers. Both transactions failed because the transaction was cancelled by by Fiverr’s vendor. It said “oups” and that I should contact customer support. After several days (!) customer service suggested to use PayPal credit card instead … which - luckily - worked. What puzzles me: they cannot identify the root cause. Or they don’t want to tell me what the root cause was/is. Do they have trouble with that vendor?


About 10 minutes ago i transfer my fund into my payoneer card. All is ok from me. Successfully Done.


It’s a common issue. I’m sure Fiverr is working on it.

(Credit Card troubles equal less money for Fiverr!)


If they have an issue and are working on it: why don’t they say so? Seems very mysterious: support even invoked their “Privacy Policy” … but I am wondering whose Privacy they are trying to protect?


I’m not sure what you mean but I can assure that if it’s making Fiverr lose money they are working on a solution!


i am not using Any Credit card… So No problem at all


Hi All,

i am having that same issue today trying to complete my order, not good :frowning: