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Anybody else getting a weird glitch whenever you deliver an order?


I haven’t made a forum post in a while so I’m not sure if this is the right place to put it but I’m having a strange issue with delivering orders that started today. I delivered my order a few hours early and I was told that my order would be automatically marked as complete in 3 days and the countdown timer went away. However, the order doesn’t say “Awaiting buyer response” like it normally does when I deliver an order. Instead, it is still listed as an active order despite being delivered on time. Now, the order is on my dashboard being marked as late, despite the fact that I delivered the product early. I was wondering if anybody else was having this glitch and if so, are there any remedies for it? Also, will this glitch negatively impact my order completion rate?


When did you deliver the order?
If you delivered before time then don’t worry it will be marked as done on time.

You need to contact customer support about it, and if you wouldn’t mind let us know what they said so we can also know what to do if it happens to us. Thanks.

It should NOT be listed as an active order. Something is wrong.


I’ve been reading through the forums and this seems to be a site-wide issue that stems from the maintenance that happened yesterday. Unfortunately, I think the only solution is to wait for it be fixed.

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Has this particular issue been mentioned elsewhere?

It sounds like a serious issue.

I delivered an order after the bug was fixed yesterday and it is no longer shown as active.

Here are three links to other Fiverr forum post detailing similar issue:

Has anyone told customer support about this?

I contacted customer support and they fixed it.

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I noticed when I delivered a reading recently that had a modification request, I delivered it again, and it still stayed as an “active” gig purchase. But it went away about an hour later.


Yeah, that happens from time to time to me too. It’s just the site being slow.


In my case, i contacted CS.
Order was made new and i was able to re-deliver the order just now.
And after delivery, order was mark “DELIVERED”.

I wait my client to accept it again :slight_smile:

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Thanks for letting us know in case it happens to us.

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