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Anybody else have this notification bug?

I’ve started experiencing a great new bug the last couple weeks. The little notification that pops up at the bottom right of the screen seems to always be 1 notification behind.

So for example, when a buyer marks an order as complete, I’ll get a notification from that. But when they leave feedback, I’ll then get the same notification as before saying they’ve marked the order as complete. Then when I get notified of the review they left, it’ll say the buyer has left feedback, please rate your experience. It’s always 1 step behind.

Anybody else? I did a quick search and didn’t see any other posts about this.


I don’t have this bug.

But I have another one…

Some notifications when a person places a new order appear only on desktop. In the mobile app it shows 1 in the notification panel, but it doesn’t show what that notification is about. At that point I know it’s a new order that for some reason I can’t see. Even after the order is fully placed and not just initiated, it still won’t appear as a new order. That happens for both iOS and Android apps, since I have the app on both platforms.

It happens to me, too. Doesn’t really affect anything, so I just ignore it.

The app is truly atrocious imo. I uninstalled it a while back. I just use the desktop version on my phone browser nowadays. It’s clunky but the features all work.

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I have that issue too.
From the buyer perspective, whenever the notification for Private Feedback appears, or the seller deliver his order, it shows the previous message too.
Not a big deal but I will be happy if Fiverr fix it.

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Same here, for months now, lost my count on what time has passed. You just get used to it I guess…

yes i’m facing this problem too.

I also have that bug. It scared me first few times but now I don’t really pay attention to that

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Yes I have noticed that too! I thought it was me lol!

The other one I love is when you delivered on time (even before) and the buyer needs a revision, and now it says ####LATE#### across the top in giant red letters!

One of my buyers is in revision as I go away for two weeks because his client needs more time. I can’t just send again he is a good buyer and is easy going. I hate leaving loose ends and explained to my buyer but he realizes that I cannot revise for 2 weeks!


Have this bug for a while. Annoying sometimes, but I think this is far better than disappearing messages bug we had twice not so long ago. :'D

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Oh, yes, definitely!

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I have it too. I seem to have the message bug as well. I’ve gotten used to it now, but it really used to ‘bug’ me at the start.

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I have this bug too.

Also, not sure what “the disappearing messages bug” is, but sometimes the mobile app won’t show notifications when I receive messages. Is this the same thing you were referring to, @queenmercedes?

I got both of these bugs. From this topic and your reply. Your issue with receiving notifications been for months, and still haven’t been fixed yet. In my case, I have to keep my phone screen unlocked in order to receive any notification alerts from Fiverr app.

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Nope, this bug was experienced by many Fiverr users this summer (June-July, I believe). When you sent the message to the buyer (or your buyer sent messages to you), they simply disappeared. Sometimes they been delivered just a bit later, sometimes they really disappeared forever and communication between sellers and buyers was so very broken and almost impossible.

Notification bug appeared just after this messaging bug. At least, for me. But, things usually work this way: to fix something they need to break something. :'D

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Yup, I’ve experienced this bug. Constantly using ctrl+r because of it.

Well, that means they broke much more than they actually fixed. I am still experiencing both of these bugs, and nothing had changed to me, yet.

this bug is really annoying