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Anybody else in self-isolation?

I’m currently the only person I know in my family or friends group that has covid-19 symptoms. UK testing is pretty much non-existent unless you’re in hospital, but I’m 100% sure I have it. Sudden onset persistent, dry cough with pre-flu symptoms? Never experienced that in my life. Would be a mighty coincidence if it’s anything else.

I’m worried for the elderly and high-risk folks in my community, but for myself this has mostly just been a surreal experience more than anything else. I only leave my flat to go for a walk around the block and I keep well away from other people. I’m indoors for 99% of the day. I read the news obsessively to see the status of my home state, where my family still lives. I’ve deep cleaned my flat and watched almost every episode of cold case files.

Thank god we got a nintendo switch as a wedding gift last year :rofl: and I have a couple jigsaw puzzles arriving in the post soon.

I also have massive long-term projects on the go at the moment with two beloved clients, so I’m actually living the dream right now work-wise (knock on wood) as I’ve had to take two weeks off of my day job working with kids, so I know have 14 uninterrupted days of VO work.

Anyway how y’all holding up? Anybody else sick? XOX


Hello, do you know if you have a temperature? Headache? Body aches? Fatigue? Have you called a doctor or hospital?


Hope it’s not COVID-19, and something else entirely. Here’s hoping, either way, that you get to feeling better soon.

I myself had every intention of going to the gym today but the more the day dragged on, the less I felt up to it. In fact, my sinuses are driving me nuts and my eyes are itchy. I’m pretty sure my allergies are starting to flare up. I’m not really self-isolating but really just staying to myself. Luckily, I can really rest because I have no work to speak of anymore. I had a large order come in yesterday and it’s already done and sent off to the client.

For now, the rest of the day is mine. Thanks to this virus, the school shut down for a week before spring break (by orders of the governor). I had to go in for a short time to get billing done, but other than that, the day is my own

Thinking it’s time to clear off my table and do some puzzles myself. I bought myself a puzzle at Christmas and I guess I can start working on it. My son and my son’s friend who lives with us both did their AMI packets for today. So now, they’re just goofing off. With a dreary day like today, I just want to rest more than I do anything else.

Get well!


I’m absolutely terrified of being sick with anything, so this whole thing has really just made my anxiety skyrocket. I also live with 11 people, which is more than the U.S. President has said to even gather with; what makes matters worse is the two most high risk people in my house (Dad w/ diabetes and Grandma who’s 74) are both refusing to practice social distancing and still going shopping and not washing their hands (incensed beyond belief at that).

I’ve also been doing a lot more church work since we’ve been doing online church. Pumping out social media posts, videoing children’s church lessons, and writing Bible devotions have been my days outside of the three hours I reserve for my writing orders (thankfully, business is still going strong).

I hope you feel better, @gwyneth_galvin. Does being sick affect your ability to do VO work at all?


Nah. I feel like you feel just before you get flu. Sorta achey, not quite right. But I’m 27, and people in my age group by and large present extremely mild symptoms or no symptoms at all.

No, and I don’t plan to. The NHS may collapse under the weight of this crisis in the coming weeks, and I’m not going to contribute to that strain. I am perfectly happy to follow the NHS guidelines and stay home and not make contact with anyone outside of my household. I’m a rule follower :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m so sorry to hear that! Lot’s are in total denial, or maybe not understanding the severity of this. I’m thinking of you and wishing you luck, one of my favorites here.

I’m glad we have this forum and can chat and stick together at this time.


i feel very very sad for you. don’t get upset if you have the flue. just remember 70000+ people already recovered and do regular health check up


I suspect that I might have gone through it already. (Disclaimer: I’m a hypochondriac of epic proportions). One of my friends had a pretty nasty pneumonia at the end of January and my yoga instructor’s boyfriend had a “flu” after coming back from Rome around the same time. After hanging around those people I came down with strange flu-like symptoms (dizziness, fever, sore throat). No cough, though.

It didn’t last long and I was fine by February 3rd or 4th. Who knows what that was.

Get well soon! <3


I’m not too worried about my personal health because if it is COVID-19, at least now I know that it won’t kill me or make me extremely unwell. It honestly feels like that annoying bronchitis that comes after tonsilitis. Irritating and I feel a little rough, but not any worse than a cold. I do however worry about the people I came into contact with before I started presenting symptoms.

Honestly, if it weren’t a worldwide pandemic out there, this almost sounds like an idyllic day. Glad things don’t seem to be too stressful in your family. Get to work on those puzzles!!

I’m so sorry friend. I’ll be thinking about you and your family. Extremely frustrating when people don’t seem to realize that the spread is totally preventable if we just do the right things

I have OCD (the actual kind) but luckily not related to germs/infection, otherwise I’m sure this would’ve destroyed my mental health. I have a good friend with a dibilitating fear of germs and she is having a really rough time :frowning:

Thank god, no. The cough I have is very “chesty” - not mucusy/productive. It feels like my lungs are contracting every 15-20 seconds or so and I have to cough. But I haven’t got a sore throat yet so I can keep churning out work!

Many people don’t develop a cough. Some people just have a fever, and some people have just the cough. NHS advises anyone with either OR both to self-isolate. Here’s hoping you’ve already had it and now you’re not at risk anymore!! <3


I heard there are two varieties of the covid-19. I was watching an elderly couple’s video on youtube of them in quarentine in Japan on a cruise ship, they can’t leave their small cabin. They both have it. The woman is ok, just with flu like symptoms but the man almost was put on a ventilator due to not being able to breath well. Somehow he is now pulling through. They are in their 60s, he has diabetis.


I watch their vlog as well! They’re so sweet and apparently close to being fully recovered. It’s a bit encouraging. My dad is 82 and we can’t stop him from going to work.


Ugh. I can hardly stand to think about it. I can’t imagine how scary it must feel being in the high-risk age bracket right now. I have heard a few people saying it’s being blown out of proportion, but a 2-8% mortality rate is a HUGE chance when it’s happening to you. My heart breaks for those people :frowning:

I want to see this!!

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Yes adorable couple. The man was close to collapse, could not walk finally. He started doing some lung expansion exercises he credits with saving him. I’m going to look into those. He said it was called “The emotional freedom technique” which doesn’t sound like it’s related to the lung but I’m going to check it out.

@gwyneth_galvin I hope you can keep us informed. We are here for you if you want to chat or get bored.


Here’s their channel, there are multiple vlog entries about the entire experience:

Here is also a woman who vlogs her experience of living under quarantine in Italy:


Same here. I love y’all!!


I try to do breath in & breath out exercises every morning. And if I can hold 1 breath for 10 secs that means my lungs are ok… I have asthma & can’t say what will bring it up (dust, sudden weather changes…even this new virus might if I get it…don’t no for sure…)

I have been using Ayurveda medication to boost my immune system…(100 % herbal medicine which I have grown in my garden.)


People have said it’s going to be like this until July but I have to wonder why they think it’s going to get better by then. Some hot humid weather might help this in the summer with any luck.

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Bless his heart (our saying) what a great man he must be. Hope he knows to wash his hands frequently at least.

Things sure are quiet around here suddenly today. Cars never left their houses, people aren’t outside. It’s eerie.

I’ve been trying to get paper towels and toilet paper and it’s impossible, along with any type of canned or packaged foods. That’s concerning to me. I put in an order with Walmart for $200 worth and am getting about $5 worth of food delivered out of all that.


Holy smokes. We had a lot of stuff taken off of our order this week because of shortages (including toilet rolls) but luckily they replaced most of the missing items with similar foods. Is that an option for you?

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So far no. I will keep trying. I can live without the paper goods but so far can’t get packaged foods.